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August 4, 2015

Cambridge Broadband Matters, Episode 1

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Cambridge Broadband Matters, Episode 1

CCTV logoCambridge Broadband Matters is scheduled to play on CCTV:

Saturday, August 8 on Channel 9 at noon [live stream]
Tuesday, August 11 on Channel 96 at 1:00pm [live stream]
Thursday, August 13 on Channel 96 at 9:00pm [live stream]
Friday, August 14 on Channel 9 at 7:00pm [live stream]

Cambridge Broadband Matters is a series that explores the relationship among people, public institutions, non-profit organizations, businesses, and broadband in Cambridge. This series will serve as an educational and community engagement companion to broadband planning and action already underway in Cambridge, including through the city of Cambridge Broadband Taskforce and the efforts of elected officials.

In this episode, Jay Leslie, Susan Flannery, Georgiana Chevry, and Anne Schwieger discuss how broadband enters the spheres of their work and the impact broadband has on the community members who engage with their respective organizations.

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