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July 31, 2017

Cambridge City Council and School Committee Candidates – 2017

Originally posted July 24, 2017, updated July 31, 2017 at 5:00pmFINAL

Cambridge City Council Candidates – 2017

Benjamin0Ronald Benjamin46172 Cushing St., 0213802138-66yes
Burgin0Josh Burgin41812 Memorial Drive #1411, 0213902139-77yes
Carlone2Dennis Carlone709 Washington Ave. #6, 0214002140Architect68yes
D'Ambrosio0Olivia D'Ambrosio34270 3rd Street #305, 0214202142Theatre Arts56yes
Devereux1Jan Devereux58255 Lakeview Ave., 0213802138City Councillor64yes
Gebru0Samuel Gebru25812 Memorial Dr., 0213902139Self-Employed73yes
Harding0Richard Harding45189 Windsor St. #1, 0213902139Administration78yes
Kelley6Craig Kelley556 Saint Gerard Terr. #2, 0214002140Politician82yes
Lenke0Dan Lenke70148 Richdale Ave., 0214002140At Home67yes
Levy0Ilan Levy50148 Spring St. 0214102141Software Engineer85yes
Mallon0Alanna Marie Mallon463 Maple Ave., 0213902139Designer93yes
McGovern2Marc McGovern4815 Pleasant St., 0213902139Social Worker83yes
Moree0Gregg Moree6025 Fairfield St. #4, 0214002140-80yes
Musgrave0Adriane Musgrave325 Newport Rd. #1, 0214002140-57yes
Okamoto0Nadya Okamoto19220 Banks St. #5, 0213802138Student86yes
Pillai0Hari I. Pillai42165 Cambridgepark Dr. #234, 0214002140Business59yes
Santos0Jeff Santos54350 3rd St. #809, 0214202142Radio Host79yes
Siddiqui0Sumbul Siddiqui29530 Windsor Street, 0214102141Attorney78yes
Simmons8E. Denise Simmons66188 Harvard St. #4B, 0213902139Mayor90yes
Sivongxay0Vatsady Sivongxay3559 Kirkland St. #2, 0213802138-93yes
Sutton0Bryan Sutton35764 Cambridge St. #6, 0214102141Management56yes
Tierney0Sean Tierney3212 Prince St., 0213902139Lawyer75yes
Toner0Paul Toner5124 Newman St., 0214002140Teacher, Lawyer84yes
Toomey14Timothy J. Toomey6488 6th St., 0214102141City Councillor98yes
Volmar0Gwen Volmar3213 Ware St. #4, 0213802138University Admin.59yes
Zondervan0Quinton Zondervan47235 Cardinal Medeiros Ave., 0214102141Entrepreneur54yes

Cambridge School Committee Candidates – 2017

Bowman1Manikka Bowman37134 Reed St., 021400214092yes
Cronin1Fran Albin Cronin651 Kimball Ln., 0214002140Aide72yes
Crutchfield0Jake Crutchfield30281 River St. #1, 0123902139Teacher69yes
Dexter1Emily Dexter609 Fenno St., 0213802138Research68yes
Fantini17Fred Fantini684 Canal Park #203, 0214102141Retired99yes
Kadete0Elechi Kadete2810 Laurel St. #4, 0213902139Accountant57yes
Kelly2Kathleen Kelly5717 Marie Ave. #1, 0213902139Social Worker65yes
Kimbrough0Laurance Kimbrough3824 Aberdeen Ave., 0213802138Educator54yes
MacArthur0Will MacArthur1918 Shea Rd., 0214002140Student70yes
Mitros0Piotr Flawiusz Mitros389 Michael Way, 0214102141Engineer78yes
Nolan6Patty Nolan60184 Huron Ave., 0213802138School Committee64yes
Weinstein0David J. Weinstein4445 S. Normandy Ave., 0213802138Writer/Communications65yes

All candidates have now been officially certified by the Election Commission. Certified candidates may still choose to withdraw their names any time prior to the Wed, Aug 16, 5:00pm deadline.


July 26, 2017

Cambridge Police Department Promotes Steven DeMarco & Christine Elow to the Rank of Superintendent

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July 24, 2017 – The Cambridge Police Department held a ceremony this afternoon inside the Robert W. Healy Public Safety Facility for Steven J. DeMarco and Christine A. Elow, as they were both promoted to the rank of Police Superintendent.

Superintendent DeMarco joined the Cambridge Police Department in 1993 and has served in a variety of units during his distinguished career with the Cambridge Police, including Patrol Operations, Special Investigations, Traffic Enforcement and, most recently, Deputy Superintendent for Criminal Investigations. Overall, Superintendent DeMarco has more than 30 years of law enforcement experience, including serving in a supervisory and leadership capacity over the past 16 years.

Superintendent Elow, who was raised in Cambridge, has been with the Cambridge Police Department for more than 22 years. She becomes the highest ranking female officer in the history of the Cambridge Police Department. Most recently, she served as Deputy Superintendent for Day Patrol and Community Services. While a majority of her career has been in patrol operations, Superintendent Elow has also overseen Professional Standards.

Mayor E. Denise Simmons, City Manager Louis A. DePasquale, Deputy City Manager Lisa C. Peterson, Councilor Craig Kelley and Cambridge Police Commissioner Brent B. Larrabee joined other city officials, officers, family members and friends at the ceremony to honor Superintendents DeMarco and Elow on their promotions.

Commissioner Larrabee stated, "Since taking over as Acting Commissioner earlier this year, I have been thoroughly impressed with the professionalism, talent-level, and sound decision-making of these two standout officers. Just as important, I have admired the respect the Cambridge community has for both of them. I have the utmost confidence that Superintendents DeMarco and Elow will fulfill incoming Commissioner Bard’s vision, continue to elevate the department and ensure that CPD delivers the highest quality of service and protection for the city."

For photos from this afternoon’s ceremony, please visit

Superintendents Steven DeMarco & Christine Elow
Cambridge Police Superintendents Steven DeMarco & Christine Elow

July 25, 2017

Cambridge InsideOut Episodes 243-244: July 25, 2017

Episode 243 – Cambridge InsideOut: July 25, 2017 (Part 1)

This episode was broadcast July 25, 2017 at 5:30pm. The main topic was the Cambridge municipal election and its many candidates as well as some history of Cambridge’s PR elections. The hosts are Judy Nathans and Robert Winters. [On YouTube]

Episode 244 – Cambridge InsideOut: July 25, 2017 (Part 2)

This episode was broadcast July 25, 2017 at 6:00pm. Topics included upcoming events and some observations re: Harvard Square activism. The hosts are Judy Nathans and Robert Winters. [On YouTube]

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Number of candidates in Cambridge municipal elections: 1941-present

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Just in case you’re interested in how the rather large number of candidates this year (2017) compares to past Cambridge PR elections, here’s the whole history going back to 1941 (CC for number of City Council candidates and SC for number of School Committee candidates). Any significant write-in candidates are included in the totals.

Number of candidates in Cambridge municipal elections: 1941-present
Year CC SC     Year CC SC     Year CC SC     Year CC SC
1941 83 28   1961 23 16   1981 25 13   2001 19 10
1943 39 19   1963 22 17   1983 16 16   2003 20 8
1945 37 14   1965 24 13   1985 22 9   2005 18 8
1947 34 18   1967 20 18   1987 19 13   2007 16 9
1949 40 16   1969 26 14   1989 28 8   2009 21 9
1951 27 15   1971 36 22   1991 19 12   2011 18 11
1953 35 18   1973 34 26   1993 29 11   2013 25 9
1955 41 19   1975 25 16   1995 19 11   2015 23 11
1957 35 26   1977 24 10   1997 20 8   2017 26 12
1959 31 21   1979 23 12   1999 24 13        

July 18, 2017

Cambridge InsideOut Episodes 241-242: July 18, 2017

Episode 241 – Cambridge InsideOut: July 18, 2017 (Part 1)

This episode was broadcast on July 18, 2017 at 5:30pm. The featured guest was Cambridge City Council candidate Alanna Mallon. The hosts are Judy Nathans and Robert Winters. [On YouTube]

Episode 242 – Cambridge InsideOut: July 18, 2017 (Part 2)

This episode was broadcast on July 18, 2017 at 6:00pm. The featured guest was Cambridge School Committee candidate Will MacArthur. The hosts are Judy Nathans and Robert Winters. [On YouTube]

[Materials used in these episodes]

July 13, 2017

Cambridge City Manager Announces New Police Commissioner

Branville G. Bard Jr. of Philadelphia, PA Selected

Branville G. BardJuly 13, 2017 – City Manager Louis A. DePasquale today announced that Branville G. Bard, Jr. has been selected as Cambridge’s Police Commissioner.

"I am pleased to appoint Mr. Bard as our next Police Commissioner. He has a proven track record and will be a strong leader for our 21st-century Police Department," City Manager Louis A. DePasquale said. "I am confident that under Mr. Bard’s leadership, the Cambridge Police Department (CPD) will continue growing its commitment to community policing, crime prevention, cultural awareness and sensitivity, department-wide equity and inclusiveness, procedural justice, and visionary, effective, and strong police leadership."

Bard currently serves as the Chief of Police and the Director of Public Safety for the Philadelphia Housing Authority’s Police Department. Prior to this, he served in numerous positions for the Philadelphia Police Department, including Police Inspector, and Police Captain for the 22nd District. Bard holds a Doctorate in Public Administration from Valdosta State University. Bard’s contract is for 3 years with a starting salary of $210,125 ($205,000 base salary with a 2.5% cost of living increase that went into effect July 1). His first official day as Commissioner is August 21.

"It is a tremendous honor to be appointed as the next Commissioner of the Cambridge Police Department," Bard said. "This is a nationally regarded and accomplished department and I am committed to building on the success of CPD’s talented and established personnel, programs and collaborations."

"I am pleased that we were able to involve so many people in the Commissioner search process and that the public was able to hear directly from Mr. Bard during the process," City Manager DePasquale said "I hope the entire community will join me in welcoming incoming Commissioner Bard and I look forward to introducing him to the community in the coming months."

A full timeline of the process is available at [Branville Bard’s resume]

July 11, 2017

Cambridge InsideOut Episodes 239-240: July 11, 2017

Episode 239 – Cambridge InsideOut: July 11, 2017 (Part 1)

This episode was broadcast on July 11, 2017 at 5:30pm. In addition to civic updates, we ran through the list of candidates who have pulled nomination papers for City Council and School Committee. The hosts are Judy Nathans and Robert Winters. [On YouTube]

Episode 240 – Cambridge InsideOut: July 11, 2017 (Part 2)

This episode was broadcast on July 11, 2017 at 6:00pm. We covered some basic Cambridge PR election history (especially the probability of an incumbent being ousted when there are multiple vacancies), and the status of short-term rental regulation. The hosts are Judy Nathans and Robert Winters. [On YouTube]

[Materials used in these episodes]

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