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November 28, 2013

New Mobile App for Café People – the iRake

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Announcing a New Mobile App for Café People – the iRake

Storm drainDwelltimeHeavy rains drenched Cambridge a few days ago, and when you combine heavy rain with a plentiful supply of fallen oak leaves that can mean just one thing: Clogged Storm Drains. What’s a café dweller to do when the drains are so clogged that the sidewalk becomes impassable even for hipsters? Since actual physical labor is unthinkable for the Macbook Air crowd, we’ve invented a new mobile app for all those hipsters who wouldn’t dream of getting their feet wet – the iRake.

iRakeSure, you can always use "See, Click, Fix" to send word to those working class men in the orange trucks who take their coffee from Dunkin’ without the $5 cost and the pour-over. But who needs to mix with the little people, when you can simply activate the iRake with a few simple clicks between sips of free-range coffee brewed from politically correct nations of the world. You don’t even have to put down your expensive pastry!

Coming this winter: The iShovel (now in Beta).

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