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July 1, 2011

2011 Cambridge Candidates, Office Sought, Nomination signatures filed and certified

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The deadline for submitting signatures was Monday, August 1, 5:00pm.

The following candidates failed to submit sufficient nominating signatures to qualify for the ballot:
City Council: Randy Fenstermacher, Michael Andelman, Charles McNeill.

Nomination Papers - 2011

CandidateOffice SoughtAddressSignatures SubmittedSignatures Certified*Notes
Cheung, LelandCity Council157 Garden St., 02138100 (July 1)92July 1
vanBeuzekom, MinkaCity Council20 Essex St., 0213975 (July 1), 25 (Aug 1)89July 1
Moree, GreggCity Council25 Fairfield St., 02140100 (July 25)74July 1
Marquardt, CharlesCity Council10 Rogers St., 0214158 (July 6), 18 (July 11)68July 1
Decker, MarjorieCity Council61 Walden St., 0214051 (July 5), 40 (July 22)83July 1
Toomey, TimCity Council88 Sixth St., 02141100 (July 5)100July 1
Reeves, Kenneth E.City Council340 Harvard St., 0213999 (July 26)83July 1
Mello, GaryCity Council324 Franklin St., 0213975 (July 20)67July 1
Nelson, MatthewCity Council108 Pine St., 02139100 (July 11)82July 1
Kelley, CraigCity Council6 St. Gerard Terr, 0214074 (July 15)69July 1
Seidel, SamCity Council48 Maple Ave., 0213993 (July 22)83July 1
Stohlman, TomCity Council19 Channing St., 0213897 (July 11)85July 1
Maher, David P.City Council120 Appleton St., 02138100 (July 19)95July 1
McGovern, MarcSchool Committee15 Pleasant St., 02139100 (July 13)90July 1
Harding, RichardSchool Committee187 Windsor St., 0213999 (July 22)95July 1
Fantini, Alfred B.School Committee4 Canal Pk #203, 02141100 (July 5)99July 1
Turkel, AliceSchool Committee12 Upton St., 02139100 (July 27)96July 1
Williamson, JamesCity Council1000 Jackson Place, 0214041 (July 11), 26 (July 25)60July 1
Holland, John J.School Committee26 Normandy Terr., 0213855 (Aug 1)52July 5
Simmons, DeniseCity Council188 Harvard St., 02139100 (July 22)82July 5
Ward, LarryCity Council372 Broadway, 0213970 (July 29)60July 5
Fenstermacher, Philip R.City Council50 Quincy St., 02138--July 5
Tauber, NancySchool Committee137 Chestnut St., 0213987 (July 22)76July 5
Andelman, Michael D.City Council34 Chatham St., 02139--July 6
Davis, HenriettaCity Council120 Chestnut St., 0213980 (July 12)67July 6
Gerber, JoyceSchool Committee10 Fairfield St., 0214070 (Aug 1)63July 6
Osborne, MervanSchool Committee149 Auburn St., 0213950 (July 27), 12 (July 29), 17 (Aug 1)67July 6
Nolan, PattySchool Committee184 Huron Ave., 0213850 (July 25), 13 (July 27)59July 11
McNeill, Charles J.City Council73 Hampshire St., 02139--July 19
Forster, BillSchool Committee244 Lexington Ave., 02138100 (July 29)90July 22
Stead, CharlesSchool Committee598 Putnam Ave., 0213992 (Aug 1)73July 22
Pascual, JamakeCity Council10 Laurel St. #5, 02139100 (Aug 1)50July 27
Glick, Silvia P.City Council135 Inman St., 02139100 (Aug 1) - withdraw (Aug 17)90July 28
List of candidates who pulled nomination papers for the 2011 Cambridge City Council or School Committee election

* Signatures are only unofficially certified by staff in the Election Commission office. Actual certification does not take place until August when the Election Commissioners vote to certify candidates. A minimum of fifty (50) certified signatures are required for a candidate’s name to be placed on the ballot.

2011 Cambridge Municipal Election Calendar


  1. Minka vanBeuzekom was the first to turn in her nomination signatures.

    She was congratulated by a bystander.

    Comment by Robert Winters — July 3, 2011 @ 9:58 am

  2. July 26 – Candidate Forums? [Schedule of Candidate Forums and Events – please add to this Calendar]
    Monday, August 1 is the deadline for candidates in the municipal election to submit nomination signatures. After that we’ll know who will be on the ballot for this year’s Cambridge City Council and School Committee elections. The next phase will be a variety of candidate forums hosted by neighborhood associations and other interest groups. There will also be questionnaires from a variety of endorsing organizations, some of which have already been sent to candidates.

    I have a few suggestions for this year’s candidate forums.

    1) Scheduling conflicts are a real problem for candidates, so how about sponsoring organizations teaming up to host joint candidate forums? Ideally there might be one neighborhood-focused forum per zip code plus a few issue-specific forums such as the environment/energy focused one usually hosted by Cambridge Green Decade. I would suggest a Central Square/Area Four/Cambridgeport/Riverside forum (02139), an East Cambridge/Kendall Square forum (02141), a joint Mid-Cambridge/Agassiz forum (02138 east), a West Cambridge forum (02138 west), and a North Cambridge forum (02140). There could be separate School Committee forums if desired.

    2) Let’s keep a common schedule of all candidate forums and events posted on or linked from the various media outlets. I’d be happy to get it started – send dates and details to and I’ll post the information on the CCJ Forum.

    3) There will, of course, also be the Cambridge Candidate Pages for candidates to submit what they wish – from basic contact information to a treatise on municipal government. Cambridge Community Television (CCTV) will also at some point post video statements from all participating candidates. The Cambridge Chronicle will also post and publish a variety of candidate profiles and other election-related information. The Cambridge Day will also have election-related information. Ideally, we’ll find a way for these various media outlets to coordinate their activities for the greatest benefit of potential voters. – RW

    Comment by Robert Winters — July 26, 2011 @ 10:52 am

  3. Silvia Glick has withdrawn her candidacy for Cambridge City Council (Aug 17).

    Comment by Robert Winters — August 18, 2011 @ 10:14 am

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