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February 18, 2012

Cambridge Mayoral Vote – 2012

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The 1st Ballot for Cambridge Mayor took place at the Inaugural Meeting on January 2, 2012. The 2nd Ballot took place at the January 9 meeting and again no mayor was elected. The 3rd ballot took place at the end of the January 23 meeting with the vote identical to the previous vote.

At the January 30 meeting, there were three mayoral ballots.

One mayoral ballot took place at each of the February 6 and February 13 meetings.

A Special Meeting has been called for Wed, February 22 for the dual purposes of additional balloting for mayor and to discuss possible policy statements relative to the proposed fare increases and service reductions by the MBTA. It is not known which purpose will be taken up first or whether mayoral votes might take place at different points of this meeting.

If and when a Mayor is elected, the City Council will then proceed to the vote for Vice-Chair of the City Council (commonly referred to as Vice Mayor).

It is worth noting that in 1948 the Cambridge City Council required 1,321 ballots before electing Michael J. Neville as Mayor.

CouncillorBallot #1
(Jan 2)
Ballot #2
(Jan 9)
Ballot #3
(Jan 23)
Ballot #4
(Jan 30)
Ballot #5
(Jan 30)
Ballot #6
(Jan 30)
Ballot #7
(Feb 6)
Ballot #8
(Feb 13)
Ballot #9
(Feb 22)
Ballot #10
(Feb 22)
Vice-Mayor Ballot #1
CheungCheung (2)Cheung (3)Cheung (3)Cheung (3)Cheung (3)Cheung (3)Cheung (3)Cheung (3)Cheung (2)Cheung to Davis [4]
Cheung to Simmons
DavisDavis (1)Davis (1)Davis (1)Davis (1)Davis (1)Davis (1)Davis (1)Davis (1)Davis (2)DavisSimmons
DeckerDecker (2)Decker (3)Decker (3)Decker (3)Decker (2)Decker (2)Decker (2)Decker (2)Decker (2)Decker to Davis [1]Simmons
KelleyKelley (1)Kelley (1)Kelley (1)Kelley (1)Reeves (2)Reeves (2)ABSENTKelley (2)Kelley (2)Kelley to Davis [3]Simmons
MaherMaher (2)DeckerDeckerDeckerDeckerDeckerDeckerDeckerDeckerDavisSimmons
ReevesDeckerDeckerDeckerDeckerReevesReevesReeves (1)KelleyKelleyKelley to Davis [2]Simmons
SimmonsSimmons (1)CheungCheungCheungCheungCheungCheungCheungDavisDavisSimmons
ToomeyMaherToomey (1)Toomey (1)Toomey (1)Toomey (1)Toomey (1)Maher (1)Maher (1)Maher (1)DavisSimmons


  1. Second Ballot was:

    Cheung – Cheung (3)
    Davis – Davis
    Decker – Decker (3)
    Kelley – Kelley(1)
    Maher – Decker
    Reeves – Decker
    Simmons – Cheung
    Toomey – Toomey (1)
    vanBeuzekom – Cheung

    Comment by Charlie Marquardt — January 9, 2012 @ 6:55 pm

  2. Next ballot will be held at the next regularly scheduled Council meeting on January 23rd unless a Special Meeting is called for the purpose in the intervening 2 weeks. A Special Meeting takes 4 Councillors to call it, 48 hour notice to the public and then a quorum (5 Councillors) to appear for the meeting to be held.

    Comment by Charlie Marquardt — January 9, 2012 @ 6:58 pm

  3. Cheung – 3 (Himself, vanBeuzekom, & Simmons)
    Decker – 3 (Herself, Reeves, & Maher)
    Davis – 1 (Herself)
    Toomey – 1 (Himself)
    Kelley – 1 (Himself)

    Comment by Joe Aiello — January 9, 2012 @ 8:07 pm

  4. It’s Mayor Davis and Vice Mayor Simmons

    Comment by Robert Winters — February 22, 2012 @ 8:34 pm

  5. Congratulations To Mayor Davis, and Vice Mayor Simmons! – Good Luck For The Next Two Years!
    Also Congratulations To Robert Winters – who broke the news at 8:34 P.M. – two minutes before the City of Cambridge’s own website!
    My Best To All!

    Vince Dixon

    Comment by Vincent Lawrence Dixon — February 22, 2012 @ 8:56 pm

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