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July 14, 2012

Looking Back at the New Charles River Basin

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North Bank Bridge

July 13, 2012 – The new North Bank Bridge for cyclists and pedestrians connecting North Point Park in East Cambridge to Paul Revere Park in Charlestown at the Charles River opened on Friday, July 13, 2012. This bridge went through many different designs before it was finally constructed. It’s a dream come true for all the people who have followed this evolving story over the last few decades, and the story is not yet done. More connections will follow over the next few years. Shown below are some recent images (2012), two images taken during the walk over the Zakim Bridge prior to its opening, several images of the groundbreaking for North Point Park (June 2002), and a set of images taken in April 2002 of this area. New photos of the area will be posted soon, but it’s always good to look back at what used to be. – Robert Winters

North Bank Bridge before opening
North Bank Bridge before opening
North Bank Bridge
North Bank Bridge (from invitation)
Zakim Bridge
Zakim Bridge
Zakim Bridge
Zakim Bridge
North Point Park plan
Plan for North Point Park showing proposed pedestrian bridges
Groundbreaking - June 2, 2003
Groundbreaking for North Point Park (June 13, 2002)

New temporary ramps for I-93

Threading the new temporary CANA ramps

View across the site of the future North Point Park

The old duckboat ramp at collapsed seawall

View from Boston side of RR bridge toward future park
with temporary loop ramps in background

View from north bank looking toward Boston Sand & Gravel

View toward Zakim Bridge from under temporary ramps

View of Boston Sand & Gravel from across RR tracks

View of old Charles River lock from North Point

View of Tower A and RR bridge from North Point with temporary
ramp over Tower A at left, new bridge and Zakim bridge
under construction in background

View from North Point toward Boston just upstream of RR bridge

Millers River seen from under new Zakim Bridge

View from under new Zakim Bridge (old I-93 at left)

View from between the old and the new I-93

Zakim Bridge during construction

View from under old I-93 bridge

View from downstream of old I-93 bridge

The magnificently decrepit old I-93 bridge

Looking through the old toward the new

Zakim Bridge under construction

View of old I-93 bridge looking upstream from Boston side

RR bridge viewed from downstream on the Boston side

View from Boston toward Charletown of old I-93 bridge
after removal of ramps over City Square, Charletown

View upstream from locks on new Charles River Dam

View across site of North Point Park showing duckboat,
old warehouses, new and old bridges (April 2002)

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