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September 16, 2013

CPA, MXD, Bikes, and Net-Zero – Mon, Sept 16, 2013 Cambridge City Council preview

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CPA, MXD, Bikes, and Net-Zero – Mon, Sept 16, 2013 Cambridge City Council preview

Here are a few possibly interesting items in this relatively brief agenda:

Manager’s Agenda #1. Transmitting communication from Richard C. Rossi, City Manager, requesting that the City Council formally appropriate/allocate $10,307,500 in Community Preservation Act (CPA) funds.

The CPA funds will be distributed as always – 80% toward affordable housing, 10% toward open space, and 10% toward historic preservation. There’s a reason why I stopped going to the meetings – it never changes.

Applications & Petitions #2. A zoning petition has been received from Boston Properties requesting the City Council to amend the Zoning Ordinance and Map in the area included within the "Ames Street District."

The petition should be noncontroversial. It calls only for minor amendments to the zoning in the MXD district that will allow residential and retail development to proceed.

Order #1. That the City Manager is requested to confer with the appropriate departments as to potential locations, including Hubway stations, where posting cycling laws and etiquette would be in the public interest and feasible for the City of Cambridge.   Councillor Cheung

We’ll have to ask Emily Post about the appropriate etiquette, but reminding cyclists that they are operating a vehicle and must follow the same laws as motor vehicles is always a good idea.

Order #3. That the City Manager be and hereby is requested to work with the Election Commission to establish a Right to Vote Task Force.   Councillor Cheung and Vice Mayor Simmons

This Order is pure micromanagement of the Election Commission. It is doubtful that a comparable Order would ever be directed toward any other City department.

Order #5. That the City Manager is requested to revise the presentation of the FY15 City Budget document so that the details and costs associated with bicycle-related initiatives are presented as its own category and so that the City’s bicycle-related initiatives (i.e. infrastructure improvements) can be tracked and monitored separately from auto-related initiatives.   Councillor vanBeuzekom

I would like to see this only to learn the total amount of money that is being wasted to install a "cycle track" on Western Ave.

Order #7. That the City Manager is requested to appoint a task force to further examine the Connolly Petition to be comprised of, but not limited to, community advocates, members of the business community, property owners and developers, Cambridge Community Development representatives and other stakeholders.   Councillor Decker

This Order augments the planned "Getting to Net Zero" panel discussion scheduled for Wed, Oct 2, 6:00pm at the Main Library and the Roundtable/Working City Council meeting scheduled for Thurs, Oct 10, 3:00pm to discuss Connolly, et al. net zero zoning petition. It should be obvious that any action along the lines of this petition should have involved all stakeholders and not just the and anti-development crowds. Perhaps this will put back on track whatever positive merits may be contained in this petition and that a more thoughtful (and legal) approach can be found to the satisfaction of all. – Robert Winters

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