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December 6, 2019

2019 Cambridge City Council Campaign Bank Reports (and $/Vote)

The following table shows the summary bank reports (Feb 2018 to present) for 2019 Cambridge City Council candidates and active local political action committees involved in the municipal election. These reports are updated at the middle and at the end of every month. You can sort by any of the fields shown by clicking on the field name – one click ascending and second click descending. #1 Votes and $/Vote fields added Nov 10 and will be updated as bills continue to be paid.

CandidateToStartReceiptsExpendBalanceAs Of#1 Votes$/VoteNotes
PAC - ABC11/30/190.0021436.4119235.372201.0412/02/19--A Better Cambridge
PAC - CCC11/30/190.0017843.2111739.356103.8612/05/19--Cambridge Citizens Coalition, $300 refund deducted
PAC - CResA11/30/190.003166.771717.911448.8612/02/19--Cambridge Residents Alliance
PAC - Cambr. Bike Safety07/15/ Bike Safety
PAC - Our Revolution Cambridge11/30/190.001427.001367.0060.0012/02/19--filed 10/9/19 w/OCPF
Akiba, Sukia11/30/190.003000.032308.97691.0612/02/19362 $6.38
Azeem, Burhan11/30/190.0014223.9613491.98731.9812/02/19961 $14.04new candidate, May 7
Carlone, Dennis11/30/1910088.5833141.6332674.7710555.4412/04/191479 $22.09
Franklin, Charles11/30/190.0033326.6030972.752353.8512/02/19323 $95.89new candidate, Mar 5
Kelley, Craig11/30/194951.6533974.3429255.609670.3912/02/191422 $20.57
Kopon, Derek11/30/190.009716.729226.33490.3912/05/19493 $18.71new candidate, July 2
Levy, Ilan11/30/19-44.32650.51517.4188.7812/02/19110 $4.70
Mallon, Alanna11/30/195380.4541744.7641836.635288.5812/02/191256 $33.31refund deducted
McGovern, Marc11/30/196376.17105247.2793284.0818339.3612/02/191621 $57.55$600 refund deducted
McNary, Jeffery11/30/ $0.00will not raise/expend funds
Mednick, Risa11/30/190.0019618.9916171.283447.7112/02/19244 $66.28new candidate, July 15
Moree, Gregg11/30/190.001500.001500.000.0012/05/1947 $31.91
Musgrave, Adriane11/30/19474.6740136.8336036.684574.8212/02/19726 $49.64
Nolan, Patty11/30/190.0022587.0216437.836149.1912/02/191685 $9.76new candidate, June 11
Pitkin, John11/30/190.0014041.6810485.193556.4912/02/19536 $19.56new candidate, July 17
Siddiqui, Sumbul11/30/199334.0533594.4827501.7415426.7912/02/192516 $10.93
Simmons, Denise11/30/197595.5063191.6553570.7017216.4512/02/192007 $26.69
Simon, Ben11/30/190.0012145.9510989.411156.5412/02/19294 $37.38new candidate, Apr 2
Sobrinho-Wheeler, Jivan C.11/30/190.0026346.5525624.74721.8111/18/191321 $19.40new candidate, Mar 11
Toomey, Tim11/30/1910024.4961560.8154838.3316746.9712/02/191729 $31.72$15,000 repaid loan deducted
Williams, Nicola A.11/30/190.0030514.5029651.58862.9212/02/19631 $46.99new candidate, Mar 12
Zondervan, Quinton11/30/191279.6646863.5847227.05916.1912/02/191382 $34.17
Summaries of potential 2019 City Council campaign bank reports. Adjustments to the totals have been made to reflect returned donations and other factors. [updated Dec 6, 2019 at 8:26am]

Campaign Finance Reports – 2019 City Council (updated Dec 6, 8:26am)


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