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July 29, 2012

2011 City Council and School Committee Candidates – Campaign Finance Reports

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The 2011 Cambridge municipal election for City Council and School Committee has come and gone, but the money continues to flow in and out of the candidate campaign accounts. Campaign finance reports are one indicator of the strength of a campaign, but some candidates can and do run successful campaigns on a shoestring. Other candidates raise and spend extraordinary amounts of money and are either not elected or barely squeak through.

Below are the 2011-2012 figures for City Council and School Committee candidates and the totals for the previous two years (2009-2010) for both City Council and School Committee candidates.

There were several interesting new candidates in 2011 for both City Council and School Committee and several strong candidates from 2009 who made another run.

City Council Candidates
2011-2012 City Council Campaign Finance - 2011 Candidates (updated Sept 1, 2012)
#1 Votes
Cheung, Leland$8081.63$72635.06$75314.53$5402.168/15/20122017$37.34
Davis, Henrietta$2818.98$54310.99$54472.00$2657.977/31/20121436$37.93
Decker, Marjorie$1775.77$93365.89$70094.79$25046.874/30/20121123$62.42includes $ raised for 2012 State Rep. race, no add'l reports
Kelley, Craig$9765.37$12211.25$13714.54$8262.088/15/20121098$5.66$7500 candidate reimbursement subtracted
Maher, David$17868.78$53283.00$70661.02$490.768/15/20121686$41.91
Marquardt, Charles J.$3459.50$11063.25$11046.37$3476.388/15/2012501$22.05
Mello, Gary$0.00$487.02$487.02$0.002/29/2012135$3.61reimbursements subtracted, committee dissolved
Moree, Gregg$0.00$4873.20$4921.45-$48.254/15/201256$87.88account overdrawn
Nelson, Matt$2164.50$15386.53$16532.93$1018.108/15/2012542$30.50
Pascual, Jamake$0.00$60.00$60.00$0.005/31/201263$0.95
Reeves, Ken$4780.97$59515.65$55264.23$9032.398/15/20121013$54.56
Seidel, Sam$2007.45$20725.72$22389.30$343.878/15/2012788$28.41
Simmons, Denise$2972.36$36700.17$33739.41$5933.128/15/20121266$26.65
Stohlman, Tom$2734.24$475.00$2184.42$1024.827/31/2012344$6.35
Toomey, Tim$4886.73$45902.63$47646.53$3142.831/31/20121705$27.95no longer on depository account - no records for 2012
vanBeuzekom, Minka$2879.00$34725.66$34787.38$2817.288/15/20121038$33.51
Ward, Larry$248.47$16753.83$17002.30$0.004/30/2012835$20.36Account apparently closed
Williamson, James$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.004/15/2012175$0.00

A detailed report is here: (updated periodically)

City Council Campaign Finance (2009-2010) - updated Feb 18, 2012
Receipts (2009-10)
Expend. (2009-10)
#1 Votes
Adkins, Lawrence$34.93$495.00$199.80$330.1312/31/2010103$1.94
Cheung, Leland$0.00$21757.50$13675.87$8061.6312/31/2010756$11.48$5000 repaid loan subtracted
Davis, Henrietta$11185.16$57901.70$66267.88$2818.9812/31/20101858$35.67
Decker, Marjorie$1867.27$101624.90$101716.40$1775.7712/31/20101285$79.16includes money related to State Senate campaign
Flanagan, Mark$0.00$140.35$140.35$0.0012/31/2010112$1.25
Glick, Silvia$0.00$12466.22$12424.01$42.2112/31/2010256$48.53
Kelley, Craig$6465.86$12620.92$9321.41$9765.3712/31/20101250$7.46
Leavitt, Neal$0.00$5856.17$5439.21$416.9612/31/2010136$39.99
Maher, David$12827.62$58636.50$53595.34$17868.7812/31/20101286$41.68
Marquardt, Charles J.$0.00$34909.40$31449.90$3459.5012/31/2010385$81.69
Nelson, Matthew P.$0.00$2255.00$90.50$2164.5012/31/2010--Filed papers for candidate account (Dec 2010)
Podgers, Kathy$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.0012/31/201078$0.00no records
Reeves, Ken$6401.11$65906.34$67526.48$4780.9712/31/20101166$57.91
Seidel, Sam$775.16$27934.02$26701.73$2007.4512/31/2010900$29.67
Simmons, Denise$8689.90$117709.78$120780.40$5619.2812/31/20101785$67.66includes money related to State Senate campaign
Stohlman, Tom$0.00$5525.00$2790.76$2734.24 12/31/2010378$7.38
Sullivan, Edward$3950.24$25100.00$28420.48$629.7612/31/2010885$32.11
Toomey, Tim$34043.27$68070.73$97092.27$5021.7312/31/20101748$55.54includes money related to State Rep. campaign
vanBeuzekom, Minka$0.00$22097.64$19218.64$2879.0012/31/2010682$28.18
Ward, Larry$132.86$16933.34$16817.73$248.4712/31/2010736$22.85
Williamson, James$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.0012/31/201090$0.00

A detailed report is here:

School Committee Candidates
School Committee Campaign Finance (2011-2012) - updated Feb 18, 2012
Opening Balance
Current Balance
#1 Votes
Fantini, Fred$4235.79$4543.00$5708.86$3069.9312/31/112371$2.41
Forster, Bill$0.00$1527.19$494.45$1032.7412/31/11330$1.50
Gerber, Joyce$0.00$2310.00$2259.63$50.3712/31/11434$5.21
Harding, Richard$86.88$9484.53$9565.86$5.5512/31/111850$5.17
Holland, John$0.00$7945.00$7680.72$264.2812/31/11388$19.80
McGovern, Marc$2500.00$15837.00$16053.00$2284.0012/31/111771$9.06
Nolan, Patty$386.47$7779.00$8079.89$85.5812/31/112126$3.80
Osborne, Mervan$0.00$31109.19$29948.74$1160.4512/31/112065$14.50
Stead, Charles$0.00$406.18$406.18$0.0012/31/11293$1.39
Tauber, Nancy$141.36$11233.29$9912.00$1462.6512/31/111490$6.65
Turkel, Alice$3600.53$11344.48$13506.44$1438.5712/31/112111$6.40

School Committee Campaign Finance (2009-2010) - updated Feb 18, 2012
Opening Balance
Current Balance
#1 Votes
$ per #1 vote
Fantini, Fred$4966.00$6080.38$6810.59$4235.7912/31/102045$3.33
Grassi, Joe$10.00$6205.00$6225.88-$10.8812/31/101881$3.31
Harding, Richard$0.00$10710.60$10623.12$86.8812/31/101996$5.32
McGovern, Marc$1873.00$17741.00$17114.00$2500.0012/31/101954$8.76
Nolan, Patty$1385.69$9645.00$10644.22$386.4712/31/101745$6.10
Stead, Charles$0.00$599.87$599.87$0.0012/31/10392$1.53
Steinert, Alan$0.00$26540.00$26539.98$0.0212/31/101447$18.34
Tauber, Nancy$223.82$9875.00$9957.36$141.3612/31/102043$4.87
Turkel, Alice$0.00$21904.69$18304.16$3600.5312/31/101793$10.21

Click on the field names to sort in ascending order and again to sort in descending order.

As always, you can look this up yourself at the website of the Office of Campaign & Political Finance (OCPF) to get the most current information.

Cambridge Candidate Pages


  1. What does anyone hear this year?
    Are there that few prospective candidates?
    Any other year one might seeing signs this early, but so far nothing.

    Comment by sgc2c — June 10, 2011 @ 1:39 pm

  2. I thought for sure there would be a new candidate or two for School Committee, but I ain’t heard nuttin’. A lot of people keep speculating whether Anthony Galluccio will try to get back his old City Council seat, but he’s been silent.

    Of course, you know we’ll also have the usual few marginal candidates. It just wouldn’t be Cambridge without them.

    I’ll update the Cambridge Candidate Pages as soon as I get new information on candidates. If anyone wants to spread it around, either or will get you there.

    Comment by Robert Winters — June 15, 2011 @ 10:23 am

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