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January 5, 2020

The Eve of Inauguration

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The Eve of Inauguration

City HallSun, Jan 5 – It’s the Eve of Inauguration of the 2020-21 City Council (10:00am start, City Hall) and School Committee (6:00pm start, Cambridge Public Library, Lecture Hall, 449 Broadway). Upon inauguration of the City Council, they will proceed directly to the Election of the Mayor (and then the Vice Chair should a Mayor actually be elected). There has been the usual chatter among residents (as well as some posturing of incumbents meant to suggest who might have disproportionate influence in the process) but other than the logic of those with high vote totals deserving an advantage in the selection, I have no specific information on how the vote will go. Often the person who is seen as delivering the decisive vote is rewarded by being elected Vice Mayor or getting choice committee assignments. I have attended these inaugurations every two years for a very long time and have generally found the mayoral maneuvering to be interesting, especially in trying to decipher which favors are granted to whom in exchange for votes. It would so much more interesting if there were actual horses being traded.

Whoever does end up with the five votes to become Mayor will then have the distinct privilege of becoming the 7th voting member and Chair of the School Committee. If the tone and focus of the upcoming School Committee is even remotely similar to the outgoing one, a prison sentence might be preferable to being Mayor. Perhaps with mostly new members things will be different. A Mayor who is capable of resolving differences rather than exacerbating them will help. Time will tell.

One City Council Committee appointment (by whomever ends up as Mayor) will be Chair of the Government Operations, Rules, and Claims Committee. We are now entering the final year of the contract with City Manager Louis A. DePasquale. The process of deciding whether to extend that contract or to seek a new City Manager has traditionally been shepherded by the Chair of Government Operations, though any route to five votes would be completely consistent with the Plan E Charter under which the Manager "shall hold office during the pleasure of the city council". As to the timing, the current contract states: "If the City intends to continue Mr. DePasquale’s employment beyond January 8, 2021, it shall give written notice to Mr. DePasquale on or before September 14, 2020, and initiate negotiations for a successor employment contract, which contract, if agreed to, shall become effective January 9, 2021. Absent agreement on a successor employment contract, this Agreement shall terminate on January 8, 2021." – Robert Winters

PS – At this time it appears to still be the case that Emily Dexter may not accept her election to the School Committee. If this does prove to be the case, her replacement will be officially determined later this month. I sincerely hope that this situation is somehow reversed, that the will of the voters is respected, and that a "teachable moment" is somehow recovered. There is an opportunity here for a new Mayor to actually show real leadership. Or not. – RW

City Councillors-Elect: Dennis Carlone, Alanna Mallon, Marc McGovern, Patty Nolan, Sumbul Siddiqui, Denise Simmons, Jivan Sobrinho-Wheeler, Tim Toomey, Quinton Zondervan

School Committee Members-Elect: Mannika Bowman, Emily Dexter, Alfred Fantini, Jose Luis Rojas Villarreal, Rachel Weinstein, Ayesha Wilson

August 1, 2019

Cambridge City Council and School Committee Candidates – 2019

Originally posted July 1, 2019, updated Aug 1 at 7:30pm (after final deadline and official certification of signatures)

Cambridge City Council Candidates – 2019
22 candidates officially certified

Cambridge City Council Candidates - 2019

Nolan0Patricia Nolan62184 Huron Ave., 0213802138School Committee40(July 2),
50(July 17)
17(July 25)
65 (48+17
McNary0Jeffery McNary71116 Norfolk St. #201, 0213902139Writer26(July 22)
19(July 25)
31(July 31)
60 (21+13+26)
Williams0Nicola A. Williams568 Brewer St. #5, 021380213846(July 23)
54(July 29)
89 (42+47)
Pascual0Jamake Pascual-Navarro4310 Laurel St. #5, 021390213950(July 30)
27(July 31)
46 (25+21)
did not qualify
Toner0Paul Toner5324 Newman St., 0214002140will NOT be a candidatewill NOT be a candidate
Siddiqui1Sumbul Siddiqui31283 Sidney St. #3, 0213902139Attorney78(July 5)
22(July 31)
93 (72+21)
Zondervan1Quinton Zondervan49235 Cardinal Medeiros Ave., 0214102141Entrepreneur50(July 17)
43(July 22)
71 (40+31)
McGovern3Marc McGovern5017 Pleasant St., 0213902139Social Worker42(July 23)
58(July 29)
91 (38+53)
Musgrave0Adriane Musgrave3448 Haskell St., 0214002140-95(July 15)93
Akiba0Sukia Akiba33343 Walden St., 021380213863(July 9)
37(July 11)
72 (41+31)
Kelley7Craig Kelley576 Saint Gerard Terr. #2, 0214002140Politician60(July 22)
21(July 31)
73 (57+16)
Acevedo0Hector Acevedo33125 Portland St. #4, 0213902139will NOT be a candidate-----will NOT be a candidate
Desir0Deonna Desir3414 Corcoran Lane #4, 021380213858(July 31)45
did not qualify
Azeem0Burhan Azeem2291 Sidney St. #814, 0213902139Engineer50(July 29)
14(July 29)
19(July 31)
57 (35+10+12)
Kopon0Derek Andrew Kopon398 Wright St. #2, 0213802138Engineer48(July 22)
35(July 24)
79 (46+33)
Simmons9E. Denise Simmons68188 Harvard St. #4B, 0213902139City Councillor100(July 11)95
Mallon1Alanna Marie Mallon483 Maple Ave., 0213902139Designer59(July 15)
21(July 16)
72 (51+21)
Moree0Gregg J. Moree6225 Fairfield St. #4, 0214002140Carpenter45(July 11)
42(July 30)
76 (41+35)
Franklin0Charles J. Franklin27162 Hampshire St. #1R, 0213902139Engineer40(July 15)
20(July 17)
58 (40+18)
Courtney0Kim Courtney4539 Cedar St. Apt 3-2, 0214002140Attorneydid not submit signatures
Dietrich0Xavier Dietrich5739 Cedar St. Apt 3-2, 0214002140did not submit signatures
Danila0James Danila4018 Whittemore Ave., 0214002140Transportation Engineerdid not submit signatures
Taylor E.0Emily Taylor4161 Jackson St., 0214002140Therapistdid not submit signatures
Taylor A.0Abigail Taylor4161 Jackson St., 0214002140did not submit signatures
Carlone3Dennis Carlone729 Washington Ave. #6, 0214002140Architect64(July 29)62
Simon0Ben Simon3467 Bishop Allen Dr. #2, 0213902139Teacher40(July 24)
28(July 30)
61 (38+23)
Sobrinho0Jivan Sobrinho-Wheeler2719 Trowbridge St #6, 021380213834(July 26)
36(July 29)
20(July 30)
78 (32+31+15)
Toomey15Timothy J. Toomey6688 6th St., 0214102141City Councillor100(July 24)97
Roberts0John Roberts348 Cambridge Terr. #2, 0214002140Cookdid not submit signatures
Pitkin0John Pitkin7518 Fayette St. #2, 021390213947(July 30)
26(July 31)
70 (45+25)
Usmani0Muhamed Usmani35364 Rindge Ave. #9D, 0214002140did not submit signatures
Mednick0Risa L. Mednick5520 Maple Ave., Unit C, 0213902139Nonprofit Mgmt50(July 30)
15(July 31)
59 (45+14)
Levy0Ilan Levy52148 Spring St. 0214102141Software Engineer76(July 31)58
Age shown is the age on Election Day - Nov 5, 2019.

Cambridge School Committee Candidates – 2019
11 candidates officially certified

Cambridge School Committee Candidates - 2019

Wilson0Ayesha Wilson3715 Concord Ave., 021380213844(July 1)
37(July 1)
32(July 15)
67 (43+24)
Fantini18Fred Fantini704 Canal Park #203, 0214102141School Committee84(July 2)
16(July 8)
98 (82+16)
Dawson0Bernette J. Dawson3771 Oxford St. #8, 021380213850(July 11)
8(July 11)
58 (50+8)
Kelly3Kathleen Kelly5917 Marie Ave. #1, 0213902139Social Worker-----will not be a candidate
Lim0Christopher Lim4448 Pleasant St., 0213902139Engineer50(July 29)
22(July 29)
67 (48+19)
Bowman2Manikka Bowman39134 Reed St., 0214002140School Committee98(July 15)87
Kadete0Elechi Kadete3010 Laurel St. #4, 0213902139Financial Analyst50(July 10)
18(July 15)
58 (41+17)
Dexter2Emily Dexter629 Fenno St., 0213802138Research31(July 23)
33(July 24)
32(July 31)
93 (29+33+31)
Weinstein D0David J. Weinstein4645 S. Normandy Ave., 0213802138Writer/Communications48(July 22)
19(July 24)
60 (46+14)
Rojas0Jose Luis Rojas Villarreal4819 Cornelius Way, 0214102141Loan Officer25(July 26)
33(July 29)
15(July 31)
70 (23+32+15)
Weinstein R0Rachel B. Weinstein4460 Standish St. #1, 0213802138100(July 29)94
Allen0Ruth Ryan Allen5548 Fenno St., 021380213891(July 31)85
Age shown is the age on Election Day - Nov 5, 2019.

Certified candidates may still choose to withdraw their names any time prior to the Fri, Aug 16, 5:00pm deadline.

Candidates need 50 certified signatures to qualify for the ballot.

2019 Cambridge Candidate Pages


December 15, 2018

Cambridge School Committee 2017 Campaign Finance Summaries and $/Vote

Cambridge School Committee 2017 Campaign Finance Summaries

CandidateFromToStartReceiptsExpendBalanceLiabilities#1 Votes$/VoteNotes
Bowman, Mannika1/1/1612/31/17$2,005.37$17,169.72$15,578.13$3,596.96$0.002768$5.63
Cronin, Fran1/1/1612/31/17$3,095.36$24,806.00$26,687.34$1,214.02$0.001572$16.98
Crutchfield, Jacob1/1/161/17/18$41.07$5,931.00$5,972.07$0.00$0.001039$5.75dissolution
Dexter, Emily1/1/1612/31/17$2,575.32$2,695.00$5,118.58$151.74$4,655.382378$2.15
Fantini, Fred1/1/1612/31/17$5,475.07$8,425.00$9,716.06$4,184.01$14,695.992728$3.56
Kadete, Elechi1/1/1612/31/17$48.48$7,274.00$7,173.08$149.40$0.00846$8.48
Kelly, Kathleen1/1/1612/31/17$5,687.05$13,295.00$7,809.39$11,172.66$3,000.001882$4.15
Kimbrough, Laurance1/1/1712/31/17$0.00$10,325.94$9,766.90$559.04$0.001856$5.26
MacArthur, Will11/4/1612/31/17$0.00$5,492.43$4,264.87$1,227.56$0.00795$5.36
Mitros, Piotr1/1/1712/31/17$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00511$0.00dissolution
Nolan, Patty1/1/1612/31/17$80.24$9,415.00$9,393.97$101.27$8,850.003458$2.72
Weinstein, David1/1/1612/31/17$1,604.03$3,395.00$4,488.26$510.77$0.00797$5.63
School Committee Campaign Finance 2017 - updated Dec 15, 2018

The receipts and expenses shown cover the period from Jan 1, 2016 through Dec 31, 2017.

You can access the full reports here.


October 28, 2017

Cambridge City Council and School Committee Candidates – 2017

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Originally posted July 24, 2017, updated July 31, 2017 at 5:00pmFINAL

Cambridge City Council Candidates – 2017

Benjamin0Ronald Benjamin46172 Cushing St., 0213802138-66yes
Burgin0Josh Burgin41812 Memorial Drive #1411, 0213902139-77yes
Carlone2Dennis Carlone709 Washington Ave. #6, 0214002140Architect68yes
D'Ambrosio0Olivia D'Ambrosio346 Arlington St. #1, 0214002140Theatre Arts56yes
Devereux1Jan Devereux58255 Lakeview Ave., 0213802138City Councillor64yes
Gebru0Samuel Gebru25812 Memorial Dr., 0213902139Self-Employed73yes
Harding0Richard Harding45189 Windsor St. #1, 0213902139Administration78yes
Kelley6Craig Kelley556 Saint Gerard Terr. #2, 0214002140Politician82yes
Lenke0Dan Lenke70148 Richdale Ave., 0214002140At Home67yes
Levy0Ilan Levy50148 Spring St. 0214102141Software Engineer85yes
Mallon0Alanna Marie Mallon463 Maple Ave., 0213902139Designer93yes
McGovern2Marc McGovern4815 Pleasant St., 0213902139Social Worker83yes
Moree0Gregg Moree6025 Fairfield St. #4, 0214002140-80yes
Musgrave0Adriane Musgrave325 Newport Rd. #1, 0214002140-57yes
Okamoto0Nadya Okamoto19220 Banks St. #5, 0213802138Student86yes
Pillai0Hari I. Pillai42165 Cambridgepark Dr. #234, 0214002140Business59yes
Santos0Jeff Santos54350 3rd St. #809, 0214202142Radio Host79yes
Siddiqui0Sumbul Siddiqui29530 Windsor Street, 0214102141Attorney78yes
Simmons8E. Denise Simmons66188 Harvard St. #4B, 0213902139Mayor90yes
Sivongxay0Vatsady Sivongxay3559 Kirkland St. #2, 0213802138-93yes
Sutton0Bryan Sutton35764 Cambridge St. #6, 0214102141Management56yes
Tierney0Sean Tierney3212 Prince St., 0213902139Lawyer75yes
Toner0Paul Toner5124 Newman St., 0214002140Teacher, Lawyer84yes
Toomey14Timothy J. Toomey6488 6th St., 0214102141City Councillor98yes
Volmar0Gwen Volmar3213 Ware St. #4, 0213802138University Admin.59yes
Zondervan0Quinton Zondervan47235 Cardinal Medeiros Ave., 0214102141Entrepreneur54yes

Cambridge School Committee Candidates – 2017

Bowman1Manikka Bowman37134 Reed St., 021400214092yes
Cronin1Fran Albin Cronin651 Kimball Ln., 0214002140Aide72yes
Crutchfield0Jake Crutchfield30281 River St. #1, 0123902139Teacher69yes
Dexter1Emily Dexter609 Fenno St., 0213802138Research68yes
Fantini17Fred Fantini684 Canal Park #203, 0214102141Retired99yes
Kadete0Elechi Kadete2810 Laurel St. #4, 0213902139Accountant57yes
Kelly2Kathleen Kelly5717 Marie Ave. #1, 0213902139Social Worker65yes
Kimbrough0Laurance Kimbrough3824 Aberdeen Ave., 0213802138Educator54yes
MacArthur0Will MacArthur1918 Shea Rd., 0214002140Student70yes
Mitros0Piotr Flawiusz Mitros389 Michael Way, 0214102141Engineer78yes
Nolan6Patty Nolan60184 Huron Ave., 0213802138School Committee64yes
Weinstein0David J. Weinstein4445 S. Normandy Ave., 0213802138Writer/Communications65yes

All candidates have now been officially certified by the Election Commission. Certified candidates may still choose to withdraw their names any time prior to the Wed, Aug 16, 5:00pm deadline.

2017 Cambridge Candidate Pages


October 17, 2017

Cambridge InsideOut Episodes 263-264: Oct 17, 2017

Episode 263 – Cambridge InsideOut: Oct 17, 2017 (Part 1)

This episode was broadcast on Oct 17, 2017 at 5:30pm. Guest: David Weinstein, candidate for Cambridge School Committee. Hosts: Judy Nathans, Robert Winters [On YouTube]

David Weinstein’s Candidate Page

Episode 264 – Cambridge InsideOut: Oct 17, 2017 (Part 2)

This episode was broadcast on Oct 17, 2017 at 6:00pm. Guest: Elechi Kadete, candidate for Cambridge School Committee. Hosts: Judy Nathans, Robert Winters [On YouTube]

Elechi Kadete’s Candidate Page

[Materials used in these episodes]

September 4, 2017

Topics for Candidates for Cambridge School Committee – 2017

To: Candidates for Cambridge School Committee – 2017

As in the 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013 and 2015 municipal elections, I am again maintaining the Cambridge Candidate Pages this year. During the last several elections, these pages received thousands of unique hits per day in the days leading up to the election. I expect at least as much activity this year. Entering a Cambridge candidate’s name in a search engine will usually direct people quickly to these pages – often more prominently than the candidate’s own website.Vote!

Based on a lot of great suggestions from CCJ readers, my revised (and expanded) list of topics for this year’s School Committee candidates is appended below. It’s a longer list than in previous years. You don’t have to write on all of these issues but I hope you will comment on most of them. Candidates may consolidate topics or expand to other topics. Please note that there are no “Yes or No” questions and there will be no ranking, endorsements, or anything like that on the Candidate Pages – just an opportunity for all candidates to reach voters in whatever way they see fit. There is no strict limit on the length of your responses, but I hope you will be concise and to the point.

Your responses will be posted on your own candidate page at Your page will contain a photo (please provide one or an update of the existing one if you wish), a prominent link to your own web site (if you have one), and relevant contact information. You may also provide an updated photo for the gallery of all candidates if you wish. Links to CCTV videos and profiles in the Cambridge Chronicle will also be included as they become available. Please visit this site to see the current pages derived from material from the 2015 election and from material already sent by candidates. I am gradually removing material from the pages of continuing candidates and replacing it with links to the pages for that previous election.

You will have the opportunity to amend or expand your responses at any time up to Election Day.

School Committee Topics for 2017 Candidate Pages – Express your thoughts on most of these topic areas

1) Background [biographical, etc.]

2) Top Priorities [List about three -­ then elaborate below]

3) Top Challenges Facing the Cambridge Public Schools today

4) Innovation Agenda, Hybrid Middle School model

5) School Department Administration and Superintendent

6) School Department Budget and Oversight, Capital Needs

7) Achievement Gaps, Meeting the Needs of All Students

8) Meeting the Needs of Advanced Learners

9) Controlled Choice, Student Assignment Policies

10) Family engagement and communication

11) Standardized Testing

12) Role of the School Committee

13) Role of Teachers in shaping programs and influencing policies

14) Curriculum and Programs
a) Elementary School Grades
b) Middle School Grades
c) High School Grades
d) Language Immersion Programs
e) Extended day programs
f) Early childhood education
g) Social and emotional development

With rare exceptions, the only editing will be for spelling, punctuation, and minor grammatical errors.

In order to expeditiously post all the information, I urge you or someone from your campaign to submit your responses and related materials via e-mail to, preferably in plain text and as soon as possible. I generally turn things around very quickly. If you must send materials via US Mail, send them to me at 366 Broadway, Cambridge, MA 02139. Again, responses can be amended any time up to Election Day, Nov 7, 2017.

Robert Winters, Cambridge Civic Journal, 617-661-9230

Cambridge Candidates Pages –
Cambridge Civic Journal –
CCJ Forum –

February 6, 2016

Cambridge School Committee 2015 Campaign Finance Summaries

Cambridge School Committee 2015 Campaign Finance Summaries (updated Mar 7, 2016)

CandidateStartReceiptsExpendituresBalanceIn-KindCambridge $% Cambridge (through Oct)#1 Votes$/voteNotes
Manikka Bowman$0.00$15,256.98$13,251.61$2,005.37$0.00$2,985.0024.4%1488$8.91
Pia Cisternino$0.00$1,607.30$1,607.30$0.00$149.00 $1,134.3777.7%657$2.45account closed
Fran Cronin$1,560.03$12,765.00$11,229.67$3,095.36$0.00 $7,640.0070.8%1418$7.92$0 liabilities
Jake Crutchfield$0.00$8,692.00$8,650.93$41.07$400.00 $375.005.1%1221$7.09
Emily Dexter$0.00$7,315.38$4,740.06$2,575.32$0.00 $5,441.6782.7%1402$3.38$4416 liab. to candidate
Fred Fantini$3,786.27$8,136.00$6,447.20$5,475.07$0.00 $2,950.0052.2%2721$2.37$14,396 liab. to candidate
Richard Harding$0.00$14,191.60$13,985.15$206.45$0.00$7621.5070.2%1989$7.03$6,595.54 liab. to candidate
Elechi Kadete$47.00$688.41$724.45$10.96$0.00$283.5241.2%427$1.70report has errors in dates and amounts
Kathleen Kelly$1,754.85$12,574.00$8,641.80$5,687.05$0.00 $9,639.0087.9%1710$5.05$3,000 liab. to candidate
Patricia Nolan$1,081.40$7,288.00$8,289.16$80.24$0.00 $1,510.0032.0%3006$2.76$8,850 liab. to candidate
David Weinstein$0.00$7,157.11$5,553.08$1,604.03$150.00 $1,409.3546.9%696$7.98$1,252.11 liab. to candidate

Vote!Note:Non-itemized receipts (through Oct 2015) are not included in the Cambridge receipts. Any candidate with a significant amount of non-itemized receipts will have a lower percentage of Cambridge receipts.

The receipts and expenses shown cover all of 2015.

December 29, 2015

Cambridge InsideOut Episodes 101-102: Looking Ahead to 2016-17

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Looking Ahead to 2016-17

Cambridge InsideOut Episode 101 (Part 1)

This episode was broadcast on Dec 29, 2015 at 5:30pm. The hosts are Judy Nathans and Robert Winters. [On YouTube]

Cambridge InsideOut Episode 102 (Part 2)

This episode was broadcast on Dec 29, 2015 at 6:00pm. The hosts are Judy Nathans and Robert Winters. [On YouTube]

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