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November 2, 2011

2011 Cambridge Municipal Election – School Committee Candidates

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Election Day is Tuesday, November 8, 2011.

2011 Cambridge Municipal Election – School Committee Candidates

Marc McGovern (15 Pleasant St., 02139) was first elected to the Cambridge School Committee in 2003.

Nancy Tauber (137 Chestnut St., 02139) was first elected to the Cambridge School Committee in 2007.

Fred Fantini (4 Canal Park, 02141) was first elected to the Cambridge School Committee in 1981.

Mervan Osborne (149 Auburn St., 02139) is a 1st time candidate.

John Holland (26 Normandy Terr., 02138) is a 1st time candidate.

Joyce Gerber (10 Fairfield St., 02140) is a 1st time candidate.

Alice Turkel (12 Upton St., 02139) was first elected to the Cambridge School Committee in 1995.

Patty Nolan (184 Huron Ave., 02138) was first elected to the Cambridge School Committee in 2005.

Richard Harding (187 Windsor St., 02139) was first elected to the Cambridge School Committee in 2001.

Bill Forster (244 Lexington Ave., 02138) is a 1st time candidate.

Charles Stead (598 Putnam Ave., 02139) is a 4th time candidate.

Photos and profiles of all the Cambridge candidates may be found at the Cambridge Candidate Pages    or


  1. I am hoping other people will start using this forum to post their views. To get started, I am using the forum to post a press release from CTE Patty Nolan — Patty, candidate for re-election

    Nolan campaign hoping for a “recount-proof” showing on Tuesday

    The Committee to Elect Patty Nolan has had volunteers door-knocking, hosting events and gathering endorsements. “I am hopeful but honestly having won by just 19 votes last time it’s still an uphill battle due to some great challengers. I want a recount-proof margin this time,” added Nolan. “I am an issues-based candidate, which is tough even as an incumbent. Most voters vote for people they know from growing up here and that means they don’t consider me.”

    At a reception hosted by Liz Adams aimed at private school parents who want to support and know more about the city’s public schools, state rep Jonathan Hecht spoke of Patty’s ability to help him learn about how state issues affect local school districts. Hostess Liz Adams spoke of Patty’s willingness to build bridges and work hard. At an event in North Cambridge at Cornerstone Cohousing, Nolan spoke about the need for learning from other districts and high performing schools in order to improve our schools. Recently at an event hosted by Art & Betty Bardige, Nolan spoke passionately about one of her signature initiatives – raising the level of math instruction in all schools.

    Individual endorsements continue to come in, showing an impressive diversity of support. Long time Cantabridgians Lynn Hassett and James & Nancy Daley are joined by newcomers like Andrew King & Mary Wissemann. Parents from many different schools have endorsed Patty. Several members of her Ward 9 Democratic Committee like Kathy Reine and Helen Glikman are on the list, and the Ward 6 Democratic Committee endorsed Patty for the fourth time in a row. Former School Committee candidate Alan Steinert and state senate candidate Tim Flaherty are on the list of endorsers, as well as Harvard social scientists Christopher Jencks and Jane Mansbridge. For a list of endorsers, see

    The campaign is especially pleased by the endorsement by the Cambridge Chronicle. In 2005, in their first endorsement, the Chronicle hoped that Patty would continue “pointing out inconsistencies in the budget numbers and advocating on behalf of parents” and if elected “”would continue to be a thoughtful presence at meetings – this time with a vote.” This year the Chronicle endorsed her as someone “who will help guide Cambridge Schools in the right direction and help move forward with the Innovation Agenda.”

    “It’s telling that the Chronicle was on target about Patty in her first race. She’s done what she promised and lived up to the hopes of parents across the city” noted volunteer campaign manager Trish Marti. “She has been able to move the district forward on a number of issues, doing the hard work to make change, from raising expectations in math to identifying lapses in information, to better governance. Most importantly, she walks the walk of focusing on higher expectations for all students.” Treasurer (and husband) David Rabkin noted that “Patty’s got momentum, even though she has run a low budget campaign and taken the ‘No robo-calls pledge.’ ”

    Comment by Patty Nolan — November 5, 2011 @ 2:13 pm

  2. Good idea, Patty. We’ll join in. Here’s a press release from the Committee to Elect Mervan Osborne. –Matt Dunkel, campaign manager

    Mervan Osborne’s campaign for School Committee earns endorsements, attracts donors, and connects with voters

    Even as Mervan Osborne continues to teach full time, he has also worked tirelessly over the past three months as a candidate for Cambridge School Committee. Cambridge Day describes the “professionalism” of his campaign as “remarkable,” and Mervan’s accomplishments as a candidate show that he is fully ready to help lead this district.

    Mervan has been endorsed by:

    The Cambridge Chronicle
    Mervan will “help guide Cambridge schools in the right direction and help move forward with the Innovation Agenda.”

    Kathy Born, 8-year City Councillor and former co-chair of the Cambridge Kids Council
    “I first got to know Mervan in 1983 as the mother of one of his high school friends. He was an exceptionally smart, creative, big-hearted kid who understood the value of teamwork. It is a thrill to see, 28 years later, how Mervan has drawn on those talents, along with his life experience as an immigrant growing up in the inner city, to forge an exemplary career as a teacher and administrator devoted to providing an excellent education to underserved youth about to slip through the cracks. We need his talents and his experience on the Cambridge School Committee. Please give him your #1 vote!”

    Larry Ward, former City Councillor and current City Council candidate
    “Every single student in this district deserves a world-class education – and Mervan has the expertise and the fresh perspective to help us reach that goal.”

    Alan Steinert Jr., former School Committee candidate
    “Mervan is terrific. I am taken with him and I believe wholeheartedly in his candidacy. In addition to being a teacher for the past 20 years, his total life mission is dedicated to improving the education and lives of children. He has co-founded a school, Beacon Academy, that addresses a demonstrated need for some children who, otherwise, might be lost in the crowd. When you hear Mervan speak, I’m certain that you will become a believer as well.”

    The Cambridge Ward 6 Democratic Committee

    …and many more parents, teachers, and citizens. For details, go to

    Mervan has received generous support from donors who believe deeply in his candidacy

    The Committee to Elect Mervan Osborne has raised over $25,000 from 118 donors. 73% of all receipts come from individuals with whom Mervan has worked directly during his 20-year teaching career:
    –38% of all receipts came from Mervan’s former students and/or their parents;
    –35% of all receipts were donated by professional colleagues from educational circles.

    People who know Mervan have made it clear: they believe in Mervan’s ability to make a difference for the students of Cambridge!

    Mervan has sought out face-to-face conversations with school leaders and voters – and they are responding!

    Since Labor Day, Mervan Osborne and his campaign have knocked on 6,102 doors. His team has been out on weekdays and weekends – in rain, shine, and even snow – to hear from voters and spread Mervan’s message.

    When asked about the campaign’s progress, Mervan replied that he is “genuinely humbled by the support I’ve received this fall. I think people are supporting me because they know how important this election is for the students, families and teachers of Cambridge.”

    “This city should always be a national leader in the field of education. And with the network of amazing people that I’ve connected with over these past three months, I’m convinced that our campaign can help make a real difference for the district.”

    Comment by Matt Dunkel — November 6, 2011 @ 9:08 am

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