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July 8, 2019

Cambridge City Council and School Committee Candidates – 2019

Originally posted July 1, 2019, updated July 16 at 11:20am

Cambridge City Council Candidates – 2019

Cambridge City Council Candidates - 2019

Nolan0Patricia Nolan62184 Huron Ave., 0213802138School Committee40(July 2)
McNary0Jeffery McNary71116 Norfolk St. #201, 0213902139
Williams0Nicola A. Williams568 Brewer St. #5, 0213802138
Pascual0Jamake Pascual-Navarro4310 Laurel St. #5, 0213902139
Toner0Paul Toner5324 Newman St., 0214002140Teacher, Lawyer
Siddiqui1Sumbul Siddiqui31283 Sidney St. #3, 0213902139Attorney78(July 5)72
Zondervan1Quinton Zondervan49235 Cardinal Medeiros Ave., 0214102141Entrepreneur
McGovern3Marc McGovern5017 Pleasant St., 0213902139Social Worker
Musgrave0Adriane Musgrave3448 Haskell St., 0214002140-95(July 15)93
Akiba0Sukia Akiba33343 Walden St., 021380213863(July 9),37(July 11)41+31=72
Kelley7Craig Kelley576 Saint Gerard Terr. #2, 0214002140Politician
Acevedo0Hector Acevedo33125 Portland St. #4, 0213902139will NOT be a candidate
Desir0Deonna Desir3414 Corcoran Lane #4, 0213802138
Azeem0Burhan Azeem2291 Sidney St. #814, 0213902139Engineer
Kopon0Derek Andrew Kopon398 Wright St. #2, 0213802138Engineer
Simmons9E. Denise Simmons68188 Harvard St. #4B, 0213902139City Councillor100(July 11)
Mallon1Alanna Marie Mallon483 Maple Ave., 0213902139Designer59(July 15),21(July 16)51+21=72
Moree0Gregg J. Moree6225 Fairfield St. #4, 0214002140Carpenter45(July 11)41
Franklin0Charles J. Franklin27162 Hampshire St. #1R, 0213902139Engineer40(July 15)40
Courtney0Kim Courtney4539 Cedar St. Apt 3-2, 0214002140Attorney
Dietrich0Xavier Dietrich5739 Cedar St. Apt 3-2, 0214002140
Danila0James Danila4018 Whittemore Ave., 0214002140Transportation Engineer
Taylor0Emily Taylor4161 Jackson St., 0214002140Therapist
Taylor0Abigail Taylor4161 Jackson St., 0214002140
Carlone3Dennis Carlone729 Washington Ave. #6, 0214002140Architect
Simon0Ben Simon3467 Bishop Allen Dr. #2, 0213902139Teacher
Sobrinho0Jivan Sobrinho-Wheeler2719 Trowbridge St #6, 0213802138
Toomey15Timothy J. Toomey6688 6th St., 0214102141City Councillor
Roberts0John Roberts348 Cambridge Terr. #2, 0214002140Cook
Age shown is the age on Election Day - Nov 5, 2019.

Cambridge School Committee Candidates – 2019

Cambridge School Committee Candidates - 2019

Wilson0Ayesha Wilson3715 Concord Ave., 021380213844(July 1),37(July 1),32(July 15)43+24=67
Fantini18Fred Fantini704 Canal Park #203, 0214102141School Committee84(July 2),16(July 8)82+16=98
Dawson0Bernette J. Dawson3771 Oxford St. #8, 021380213850(July 11),8(July 11)50+8=58
Kelly3Kathleen Kelly5917 Marie Ave. #1, 0213902139Social Worker
Lim0Christopher Lim4448 Pleasant St., 0213902139Engineer
Bowman2Manikka Bowman39134 Reed St., 0214002140School Committee98(July 15)87
Kadete0Elechi Kadete3010 Laurel St. #4, 0213902139Financial Analyst50(July 10),18(July 15)41+17=58
Dexter2Emily Dexter629 Fenno St., 0213802138Research
Weinstein0David J. Weinstein4645 S. Normandy Ave., 0213802138Writer/Communications
Age shown is the age on Election Day - Nov 5, 2019.

Candidates are not “official” until they have been officially certified by the Election Commission. Certified candidates may still choose to withdraw their names any time prior to the Fri, Aug 16, 5:00pm deadline.

Candidates need 50 certified signatures to qualify for the ballot.

2019 Cambridge Candidate Pages


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